Connections, New Questions

Within the articles I have read, images I have searched for, and my main topic of focus, I can only rally think of one thing; now, in these current times, being queer or LGBT+ in any sense is less stigmatized than it previously was. Reading the article about gossip surrounding the underground queer art world in New York at the start of the Aids epidemic, and imaging just how further and further it progressed, has shown exactly how others viewed those who were queer, and just how hateful the word queer itself was until previous reclaiming efforts in the 1990’s. Also, the need for those to connect and collect gossip just for any information surrounding LGBT+ artist from the lack of desire or responsibility others felt about recording information is surprising.

Knowing more now, I can more direct my question towards something I, myself, am interested, which is more related towards stigma and fear driving artist creations in the past 20th century rather than that of this current year. How, if artist were not out yet then were forcibly outed from gossip chains or eventual AIDS infection, or even just decided it was time, if that affected their art work in subject matter or creation. Some queer artist of the past would choose to not create in relations to their sexuality at all, while others would show the act of queer sex itself within their artworks. I also would be interested in connecting how the AIDS epidemic, or the ‘gay disease’ as it was first titled restricted artist from showing sexual acts within their works. Also examining how this fear of being stigmatized or being degraded as being queer from creating works that were queer rather than straight effected artists lives.


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