The Homosexual Question

Smalls, James. Making Trouble for Art History: The Queer Case of Girodet. Art Journal.

This article within a journal, the Art Journal, written by James Smalls examines how homosexuality and queer theory within art history and art historians, questioning how different famous or well known art historians handled the case of Girodet and his homosexual tendencies within his painting. Many choose to go around how he rendered the relationship between two men, claiming it just as a creation which may be over looked, yet others choose to face it head on, straight out claiming his homosexuality. This book, while rather good covering the difficult topic of historians accurate and without assuming the sexual preference of a creator. The issue, however, is because of the prevalent of male artist within older history creating the ideal that there were no other queer people. This, the refusing of even examining the queer identity of a man, goes father into even accepting that there may have been queer women or people of a different identity being represented.

Mostly when examining works of art or historical context for years prior, we run into the wall that, if queer people were written about, it was just men. Homosexuality in men was, though not highly accepted, analyzed more then any kind of queer identity within women.


Header created by Girodet, titled Revolt in Cairo, in 1810, This is examined within the art journal for the relationship of the far right two figures.


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