Nonprofit LGBT+ Website

This link will lead you to the section of this website which focuses on art history, and runs entirely as a non profit organization in order to spread information and acceptance of LGBT+ people. A check out if you are interested in that kind of thing!



Gay Writes  is a blog written by a Bi person named Camille. I started following this blog back even before I knew of my own queer identity, just to get news related to LGBTQIA+ topics.

This blog is a source of information that is strictly about queer people, and doesn’t require digging through pages and pages of news stories to maybe get information on one. This writer uses direct quotes, news sources, and other reliable information to back up their ideas and writings, making this source one I would trust. They even break down different topics within queer news in order to make it easier to find news articles you might be looking for.

Queer Comics

Queer master post

This is a link to a Huffington post which lists many different queer comics you may be interested in! I haven’t viewed them all myself, however they look interesting and this is a good reference for those who may desire more representation in their comics!

Please check the article and the comics themselves about how safe or not safe for minors they are!

Header image taken from site, all images and art belongs to their correct owners (listed within the link)